All About Positive Experience!

My name is Hourieh, and I am a Multidisciplinary Designer, and I am the human interaction with surroundings: products, services and spaces.…

My journey, as a designer, started at the design school of Politecnico di Milano, Sep. 2013, where I’ve started a bachelor’s degree at the Design School of Politecnico di Milano. (… Yeah, my second B.Sc. … not a big deal, just another long story :D)
Then, I started collaborating with a design studio, called StudioCR34, while I was studying at graduate school. The collaboration lasted till Feb. 2020, start of COVID and then … booom!! … the big shut-down!! I think now it’s clear how COVID rolled as a turning point in life for the most of us. When it happened, I had been still student of Master degree at PoliMi. But being locked down alone at home, with no job, and minimum human contact, gave me lots of free time and the chance to explore all around the different topics I was always fascinated to know more about : Project Management, User Experience Design, different software, a bit of coding, etc. … Ah, yes! Thanks to Coursera because of the free account for PoliMi Students during lockdown! As a result, right after the graduation in April 2021, I started this UX master bootcamp at Talent Garden Innovation School!

And here is the thing: Interior Design, for me, is like the first love, that you never forget! UX is an adult friend who took my hand and showed my way! And Service design is my desire! The one that I try to grow up enough and be good enough to have it! The fact is, no matter if you design a digital product or a tangible one … if it is a space or a service … experience is bigger than any of that! It’s all about positive experience!