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Regarding all the COVID-19 crisis that we have been facing for almost 2 year, definitely we are facing new changes in all aspect of our life. Covid-19 might go, but what is going to stay, for sure, is the way we work. Based on surveys, the hybrid model of working is our new normal, although our homes are not prepared for days of working from home. We need a product could facilitate the process of finding new, proper and close spots where it is possible to spend hours of working.

This app help people find all the available coworking spots or shared spaces (cafe, bookstors, … ) based on specific requirement or location and would be able to contact the owner or reserve the
place. Features:
• Collecting information about the working spots in town
• Reserving the working spot through the app

UX designer

Lasts 3 months and
still an ongoing project


Miro / Figjam

Pen & paper

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Base on the researches, there is a need for a service provider to facilitate the process of finding new, proper and close spots of working. This app is a connection between the employees and freelancers and the property owners.

Target Group: Mainly Millennials or Gen Z who are computer-based employees.

Competitor: Nibol is provider of the similar service in Italy.


To define the main problem, It’s enough to take a look at our own lives during the last months. The huge changed caused by COVID-19 is undoubtable. Here are some of the facts:

  • Almost of 60% employees (in Eu) shows different degree of satisfaction of staying at home.
  • Almost 70% of employees (in Eu) prefer to stay at home after COVID-19 in different degree.
  • Almost 80% of organizations (in Eu) prefer to go on hybrid model of working after COVID-19.
  • Request for Home office increased to 63% during the year of COVID-19.
  • People reporting higher level of anxiety and loneliness and more basically FOMO.


After conducting user interviews with 5 users from the target group, Gen Z, we in order to test our primary result.
Based on the ultimate results, we created 3 final personas.

The materials are important to mention.

Chatbot should be with some options to choose.

Review basically would be done in extreme situation.

Terms that describe the product should be clear.

People have doubt about the truth of sustainability.

Easy to see Delivery time & Prices

Monthly paying method is not likeable

Current packaging is likable

Customization Virtual Mirror options were really appreciated




Design System