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CASY Software

Web-based Software
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The Cell Counter & Analyzer CASY, is counting a wide range of cells. With variable cell size from large stem cell aggregates to small yeast or bacteria. CASY’s cell counter and analyzer technology gives all-round information about your cells in a very short time. In 2018, CASY was launched as combining the existing superior measurement principle with an analytical software. In 2022, The whole software has been redesigned into the web based, multi-device application. The new CASY Software comes in 2 versions. The Control-Version includes all functions to control the instrument and also allows analysis of the generated data. The Analysis-Version equals the other version but without the instrument control module. The application has been tested in each sprint with the laboratory technicians and Scientists to find out the best solution.

Some highlights of the new software include:
  • User Management (3 different user levels)
  • Analysis of single measurements, Overlays or even Mean results
  • Unlimited number of templates
  • Organized results
  • Reporting tools (customizable)
  • User Support by wizards, like start up or shut down guide
  • Active Directory user management

My Role

UX – UI designer


OLS OMNI life science GmbH


This project has been, not only, a design refresh but also a product redesign in terms of comprehensive research-based improvements under the hood. That involved a deeper-level approach to create a solution that user need and lack. It addresses business logic, product functionality, architectural design, and other core elements.
As the inaugural UX designer at our company, I recognized the importance of establishing clear lines of communication with colleagues and stakeholders to define the role of a UX designer within our organization.
Given the imminent launch of several upcoming projects, I have taken the initiative to develop a comprehensive design system that will ensure consistency in the visual identity of the company across all initiatives.

Design System


This project has NDA. Here is few sample of this application’s features in Figma: